Council Meetings

Council meetings during the coronavirus pandemic

Following the approval by Welsh Government of the Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales) Regulations 2020, the Town Council now has the power to hold meetings of the Town Council remotely.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Town Council has been exploring the most appropriate means to do this. After considering various platforms available, the Town Council has decided to use Zoom to host its meetings. This platform will allow Councillors, staff and members of the public to participate in Full Council meetings on a remote basis. It allows for access to both those with IT and those without IT, as it can be accessed by telephone also.

The Town Council have produced guidance on how to access Town Council meetings. There is also a copy of the meeting protocols available to view online and a guide to Public Question Time.

The Town Council would like to thank the community for their continued patience at this time.

The next remote meeting of the Town Council will be held on Tuesday 28th July at 6.30pm.

The agenda is available to view below. The accompanying documents contain important information in relation to how Council meetings, under this new arrangement, shall be conducted.

Full Council Meeting – Agenda & Supporting Documentation – 28th July 2020 [PDF]
The public are able to attend the meeting via Zoom using the access details provided on the Agenda, subject to the provisions laid out in the Protocol for Remote Meetings.

Accompanying documents
Protocol for Remote Meetings [PDF]
Covid-19 Supplementary Standing Orders [PDF]
Public Question Time Protocol [PDF]
Accessing Zoom – Guide for the Public [PDF]

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Agenda for Committee Meetings

Agenda for Parks & Open Spaces Committee meeting – Monday 3rd August 2020 [PDF]
Agenda for Town Hall & Community Centre Committee meeting – Monday 3rd February 2020 [PDF]
Agenda for F&A Committee meeting – Wednesday 8th January 2020 [PDF]

Note: Minutes of committee meetings are available by emailing the Clerk ([email protected]), but will be posted here for download in due course.

Minutes for Ordinary Meetings

Click on the links below to view the minutes of Glynneath Town Council monthly Ordinary Meetings and AGM:

26th May 2020 – Ordinary Meeting DRAFT minutes [PDF]
19th May 2020 – Ordinary Meeting DRAFT minutes [PDF]
10th March 2020 – Ordinary Meeting DRAFT minutes [PDF]
2nd March 2020 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
11th February 2020 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
14th January 2020 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
10th December 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
21st November 2019 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
15th October 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
1st October 2019 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
16th September 2019 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
16th July 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
9th July 2019 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
11th June 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
14th May 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
14th May 2019 – Annual General Meeting minutes [PDF]
9th April 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
26th March 2019 – Extraordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
12th March 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
12th February 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
8th January 2019 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
There was no Ordinary Meeting in December 2018.
13th November 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
9th October 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
9th September 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
There was no Ordinary Meeting in August 2018.
10th July 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
12th June 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
8th May 2018 – Ordinary Meeting minutes [PDF]
8th May 2018 – AGM minutes [PDF]

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Miscellaneous items

Presentation delivered by Steven Phillips, Chief Executive of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council at the Ordinary Meeting on 9th October 2018.
Click here to view the presentation document [PDF]