Parks & open spaces

Dear Parents, Guardians and Families of young tennis players in Glynneath.

It has been brought to Glynneath Town Council`s attention that the Glynneath Junior Tennis Club has advertised an event for Saturday 8th April 2017 encouraging young people to attend for coaching & playing.

At this present time, the Glynneath Junior Tennis Club has not signed a hire agreement for the new season as requested by Glynneath Town Council. All clubs have to complete a hire agreement before the Council will allow them to make legal use of the facilities the Glynneath Town Council are responsible for.

Any use of the facilities by the Club that may be attempted without such an agreement being in place will mean that users will NOT be covered by the Council`s liability and insurance policy, and any such use will be against the ruling of this local authority and will be taken seriously.

If you are responsible for any child interested in tennis in Glynneath, please would you take note of the current situation. If the Glynneath Junior Tennis Club complete a hire agreement as requested, Glynneath Town Council will be in a position to review this message immediately.