COVID-19 - Useful Information

Glynneath Town Council has been collaborating with Rhiannon Thomas of Age Connects NPT and Ioan Richards from the Local Area Co-Ordination Scheme for NPT with a view to ensuring those residents who may require suitable help, support and assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic is able to get it and knows who to contact in that event. We have complied the following information leaflet for residents – these are being posted through doors over the coming days.

COVID-19 – Useful Information Leaflet for Glynneath Residents [PDF]

Part of Age Connects NPT’s work will require volunteers, so they are actively seeking expressions of interest from members of the community who would be interested in helping as part of their Good Neighbour Scheme – this will act as a vital lifeline for members of our community who are most in need.

As the interests of those being assisted during this difficult time will be of paramount importance, the following form will need to be completed and returned to Rhiannon ASAP. A simple and painless DBS check will also need to be completed – but Rhiannon will take everyone through this.

Time if of the essence, so we urge anyone interested to act quickly so that all support can be mobilised and focused without delay.

Age Connects NPT Volunteer Form [PDF]

Rhiannon can be contacted via email: [email protected]; or by telephone on 01639 617333.