Bridge damage & repair at Chain Road

Following reports of structural damage caused to the footbridge at Chain Road, which provides an important access link between Glynneath and Cwmgwrach via the A465 underpass, the Town Clerk wrote to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council for an update on the current situation and for an outline of their proposed repair plan. Below is a copy of their reply.

Glynneath Town Council will continue to monitor progress on the repair of the bridge, and shall seek regular updates on the matter.


Dear Ms Thomas,

Further to your recent email on behalf of Glynneath Town Council. As you are aware the bridge at Chain Road was closed late on Tuesday, March 31st due to a large crack and partial collapse of the central pier caused by the successive winter storms. The following day to ensure safety, barriers were reinforced to prevent public access. A structural assessment has been carried out and concluded that the bridge cannot be repaired or reopened for the foreseeable future. The repairs if they can be undertaken are not going to happen in the short term due to the supply chain, design, procurement and NRW approval process.

In terms of children and the safety issues these are most important; the Road safety team are currently assessing available routes in the area in line with WG learner travel guidelines but ultimately if there is no identified safe route and the bridge cannot be opened then pupils will be provided with Transport.

As explained the works could take several months to complete and we will need to work through what all the other impacts are going to be in due course.

We intend to put the Bridge forward for funding as part of our ‘Storm Dennis’ proposals to Welsh Government for funding and have subsequently added it to our long list of works for consideration, however, as you will appreciate there are huge demands on this budget from across Wales and at this stage it is difficult to determine if the funding will be forthcoming.

Unfortunately there is no easy or quick answer to this problem.


Environment and Regeneration
Amgylchedd ac Adfywio
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council/ Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Castell-nedd Port Talbot Tel/ Ffôn: 01639 686868