Coronavirus Update - 3rd August 2020

At the Full Council meeting held on 28th July 2020, Councillors and the public were advised that guidance relating to the opening of the Town Hall was currently being explored and it was envisaged that the Town Hall would be open shortly. However, regulations issued by Welsh Government have stipulated that facilities must remain closed “except where,

1. it is used to provide essential voluntary services; or
2. upon the request of the Welsh Ministers or a local authority; or
3. urgent public services (including the provision of food banks or support for the homeless or vulnerable persons, blood donation sessions or support in an emergency);

and all reasonable measures are taken to ensure that a distance of 2 metres is maintained between every person on the premises while those services are provided.”

Unfortunately, at this time the Town Hall would not be allowed to open for the purpose of leisure or recreational activities. It must therefore continue to remain closed at this time.

We will continue to work in the background and continue with preparations required so that when restrictions are lifted in relation to the Town Hall we can open as soon as possible.

The Town Council once again thanks the people of Glynneath for their continued patience.